Complete List Of Upcoming Maine Fairs
As we see the 4th of July behind us and begin to head into the heart of Summer here in Maine, fair season has begun!
For the kids, it is the rides. For other's, it might be playing Bingo, running into old friends and enjoying the great fair food...
Conquering Chiari One Parade At A Time…
Spreading awareness to the community, about chiari malformation, seems to have become my life mission!  The more I get out and talk about it...the more people seem to appear who have it and thought they were alone.  What an awful feeling that must be.  Wondering what chiari malformati…
1946, The Year the Bikini was Introduced
The dates seem to vary between June 5th and July 5th, but whatever the date, the Bikini was introduced in 1946 by French designer Louis Reard. For the time, a two piece bathing suit that small was unheard of because at that time a two piece for women was a halter top and shorts
Free State Park Admission This Sunday
This Father,s Day, take dad to the park! Think of all the fun you had at the park with your dad. Now, return the favor, and make some new memories with free admission this Sunday.

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