Sarah Receives A Message From The Beyond
We had a visitor come to visit the Bee Crew at B98.5.  Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Eddita Felt, sat down with us for a couple hours to help us connect with loved ones that have passed.  I, personally, had never done anything like this and what I experienced was incredibly e…
This Little Piggy
I have an older brother and I want a pet pig. These two things should have little to do with each other but as brothers tend to do, he's torturing me with the fact that he just bought a litter of young pigs for his farm that I didn't even know he had.
Amazon Prime Pantry- I May Never Go grocery Shopping Again
This past winter, after schlepping a gigantic bag of dog food from shelf to cart to register to car to home, I decided I was going to have my dog food delivered to my house through Amazon. We then added the large 24 count toilet paper to the order and never since have I had to go buy these nor have …

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