Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl XLIX
Super Bowl XLIX pits the unstoppable offense of the New England Patriots against the impenetrable defense of the Seattle Seahawks. The 49th edition of the NFL’s big game could be one of its most memorable contests. Here’s a preview of Sunday’s game:
Big Game #49 Highlights and Facts
The weather for Super Bowl 49 looks good. Day time temps are expected to be 71 degrees, but the weather really doesn’t matter. The University of Phoenix Stadium has a retractable roof. For now, the NFL plans to have the roof open, but if bad weather shows its face, the roof will be c…
Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez Ready for Trial
Opening statements in the trial of Aaron Hernandez (remember him?) could be heard as soon as Tuesday, January 27. Hernandez, the ex-New England Patriots tight end is accused in the murder of Odin Lloyd, who was dating the sister of Hernandez’ fiancée.
What Does Seattle Think About Deflate-Gate?
So what do the Seattle Seahawks think about deflate-gate? Not much. They say they are not concerning themselves with all the controversy. They know it is a distraction for the Patriots because that’s all the media wants to talk about.
Funny Bets for Super Bowl 49
With the big game coming on February 1 there will be a lot of betting going on. From Las Vegas to office polls, people will put a little money down on who will win the game. The game is not the only thing you can bet on though.

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