Please Help: Explain This Headline to Me
I saw this headline on Bing News: ‘Black Chyna Originally Dissed Ex Tyga with her Chymojis, Kim Kardashian Reveals.’ Does anybody have any idea what the heck that means? I mean, really. I guess that means something to somebody. I don’t have a clue.
Kids Crying In The Movie Theater – Why?
I took my daughter, Chloe, to see The Secret Life of Pets yesterday afternoon.  Cute movie, by the way.  I understand when you go to a children's movie, there's going to be chatty kiddos.  Kids not sitting still.  I can accept that.  It's a children's mov…
Back to School: Then and Now
I was listening to Tim McGraw’s song ‘Back When’ this morning and some of the lines really hit home to past generations. Like: Back when a hoe was a hoe, Coke was a coke, and crack's what you were doing when you were cracking jokes.
Best Cities For Football Fans
Source: WalletHub
The 2016 NFL season is almost here! In fact, the first New England Patriots game is on August 11th and Sunday afternoons will be filled with pigskin. WalletHub.com recently did a study on the best cities for football fans.

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