George H.W. Bush Celebrates 93rd Birthday In Maine
Happy Birthday George! The oldest living President celebrates birthday number 93 today. Unlike other birthdays, most recently his 90th, George will not be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. This one will be spent quietly on the Walkers Point compound with family.
Leave Barron Trump ALONE
I don't care what your political views are.  There is ZERO reason to comment, post, share, laugh at, mock anything pertaining to 10 year old, Barron Trump.  The definition of bullying is as follows:
Trump Considering Bobby Valentine For Ambassador To Japan
It all started with a post yesterday on Facebook that I made on my personal page. Like many, there is some apprehension on my part on the new administration being sworn in next month in Washington, and I half jokingly posted this:
"Definitely not trying to start a political conversation, and…
Ballot Selfies: Is It Legal In Maine?
Selfies and Election Day, it was a combination just waiting to happen. Election Day 2016 is all the buzz with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton and the selfie craze is still going strong. However, is it legal to take a selfie with your filled out ballot and to post it on social media? It depends w…

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