The New Artist Spotlight: Jackie Lee
Born and raised in Maryville, Tennessee Jackie lee has been in music his whole life. His father is a professional musician and got his son singing in church. By the time he got to Nashville he knew he was where he was meant to be. He released his debut single back in 2012 with a song that was on hol…
Apple’s New TV Shows May Premiere in March 2019
Apple has a breathtaking lineup assembled for its journey into TV, but when and how will we actually see the darn things? New estimates place the tech giant’s streaming content in line for an early 2019 premiere, though some shows display less progress than others.
Phone Scam: Can You Hear Me?
The FCC has been warning people about a new phone scam tactic that is becoming increasingly popular
The way it works: the scammers will call the victim and immediately ask, "Can you hear me?" and record the victim saying "yes." With that recording they'll then…

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