Chad and I have been to Musician's First Choice a million times for all sorts of different things. When you see the one you love want something so badly, you'd do anything to buy it for them.

And that's just what I did.

Each time we walked in, Chad would walk into the store and go straight to the guitars hanging on the wall. His favorite color is blue and there was this Ibanez guitar hanging on the top row. He would look at it, take it down, play a few chords and put it back (gently). He said he would some day buy that guitar.

Well, I talked with Frank Coffin and said "Save it for me!" I put it on layaway the next week and was so excited! I was hoping to pay it off by Christmas but that didn't happen.

One day out of the blue, Chad said "I'm heading down to Musicians First Choice and I'm going to buy that guitar!"

WHAT???? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  There went my balloon....deflated.

I finally had to come clean and tell him it was on layaway. He was very excited but I told him he could only have it after I paid it off.

I was able to do that the day AFTER Valentine's Day. He was playing with his band, Cold Blue Steel, at Crystal Falls Friday night and I was able to pick up the guitar but had no way to sneak it in.


I left the guitar at work and he was kind enough to bring it out to me that night. I was able to sneak back in without him seeing me! I presented it to him as soon as he was done singing a song. I couldn't wait any longer!

He was surprised! And he even played it and we sang together! He has used it all weekend!

Here is the video from that night!