You look like you need to be more relaxed! I think we can all agree there’s no better way to relax than with a soak in a hot tub! B98.5 wants to help with that by giving one lucky listener a Diamond Plus Strong Spas Hot Tub from Pool-Tech in Winslow. It's a prize worth $5,995!

To win, you’ll need to know our daily "Phrase That’s Too Hot To Miss." Get the phrase weekdays from Monday October 23 through Tuesday November 7.

The catch? We’re going to give it to you one word at a time.Get the first word at 7:30 during the Morning Buzz, Brenda Brown will have the second word at 12:30, and get the final word from Andy Austin at 4:30. Enter the phrases below for your chance to win. AND we want to give you a bonus entry as well. Just watch the video and figure out the three word phrase that does not belong in the conversation. enter that for 5 bonus entries.

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