Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE sports! Baseball, football: those are my two favorites. I have been watching Sportcenter since I was around 20. That's when I got cable.

You also know I love a wide variety of movies. Singin' in the Rain, Terminator 2...a little bit of everything. So, how cool is it that my two favorite things were combined together?

I saw this online and I couldn't resist reporting it. I had never seen The Princess Bride, Chad's favorite movie (don't worry, he can still carry his man card), until this year. It was so cute and funny. Now, I understand some of the things he says because they are quotes from the movie. I had no idea what "have fun storming the castle" meant or what "rodents of unusual size" were until Chad came along.

Now ESPN NFL Kickoff has combined both commentary and The Princess Bride into a funny 1:36 clip. See if you can catch all of the different phrases they use from the movie. I don't have them all but I'm watching the movie again so I can figure them out!