In the past three months people I know personally have fallen on hard times. Their jobs have been either terminated, they have been fired for being sick too much or they have transferred to another job that hasn't worked out for them. All of these people were hardworking, dedicated employees that always went the extra mile. I guess the state of Maine has run out of road.

I posted on Facebook yesterday the frustration I have seen with the job hunting process. Remember 10 years ago when you looked in the classifieds of your local paper and there was a page of "Employment Opportunities"? Everything from cleaning person to CEO of a company was offered. You PHYSICALLY went to the business, filled out an application with a PEN, MET the owner of the company who also did the hiring, had an INTERVIEW on the spot and the owner RESPONDED to you within the next few days.

That's how it USED to work. It was a great system.

NOW, the world wide web has decided to ruin the process. 95% of jobs are now found on the internet. You can fill out the applications ONLINE and NEVER set foot in the building of the company. You will NEVER SEE the Human Resources person at the company. You can also NEVER HEAR from them either!

Granted, it's easy to sit at your computer and apply for multiple jobs in one day. That's saves you on gas. But whatever happened to looking the owner in the eye and giving a firm handshake? What happened to them asking you questions in person that deal with your character instead of "Check the appropriate box: Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, Agree, Indifferent, Disagree, Somewhat Disagree, Strongly Disagree".

One company I was looking at on the internet was hiring and it had THIS at the very bottom:

"How To Apply:
Please forward all cover letters, resumes, or requests for additional information to Inquiries made by telephone will be ignored."

They don't even want to SPEAK to another human being who may want a little more information on the job being offered!!!

There are some questions that can't be answered on a computer. With the internet, you will never be able to tell the man or woman sitting across from you that you are the best person for the job. You have more than just the skills they need. That you promise to work hard and give them the best of you. That you have children at home that need food and clothes and are willing to do ANYTHING to keep them safe, warm and fed.

I DARE companies to meet with someone face to face again and get a real sense of what a person is worth!!!