According to a new study in Australia, the first year of marriage is the most difficult for new couples to get through. The study by Deakin University’s 'Australian Centre on Quality of Life' measured the happiness of 2000 people and found couples in their first year of marriage rated it very low at 73%, while couples married for more than 40 years rated their happiness at almost 80%, the happiest of all married couples.

The average score for happiness of all married couples was 75%, but that first year of marriage was lower. Researchers say once the bliss of being married and coming back from the honeymoon there’s a ‘wedding hangover’ because newlywed couples see their wedding day as the happiest day of their lives. All in all, it seems the longer you’re married the happier you are as a couple and if you can make it through the first year you should start to become happier.