The new gazebo that's under construction in the Gardiner Common should be completed by May. Fundraising efforts are still underway, a group that's leading the way with the fundraising is around $20,000 short of its goal.The Rotary Club of Gardiner has helped raise about $33,000 toward the gazebo. The budget for the project is $52,700.

The gazebo itself will cost $34,750 to build with the rest of the budget going towards surveillance cameras, groundwork, a wheelchair ramp, lights and maintenance.

Cumberland Farms in Gardiner will be donating 10 cents to the gazebo for each cup of coffee they sell between March 26 and April 23. That promotion is expected to raise about $1,000.

Gardiner Common has been without a gazebo since 2012, when the city tore down the old one due to its deteriorated condition.

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new gazebo is scheduled for June 14, 2014.