Seth Collins, a 34-yearold man from Kentucky, is certainly a generous tipper. For more than a year, Collins has been traveling the country, dropping by random restaurants and handing $500 tips to unexpecting waitstaff.Collins will be handing out his 82nd $500 tip to a server at a Portland, Maine area restaurant likely sometime on Monday. This will make a total of $41,000 Collins has left in tips. Collins plans on making it to all 50 states.

Why is Collins doing this? It's all in memory of his younger brother, Aaron, who died unexpectedly in July 2012 when he was 30 years old. In the will, there was an odd request, requesting his family to leave an 'awesome' $500 tip for a waiter or waitress.

Collins was in Bangor on Saturday taking in the festival of lights parade and enjoying his first ever whoopie pie. Sunday, Collins was in Waterville and stopped for lunch at a pub and left a $100 tip for Kelsey Crosby and he'll make his way to Portland today to leave the random $500 tip.

The lucky server of Seth Collins' $500 tip was Emily Young, she was finishing up her shift Monday afternoon at Flatbread Company in Portland when a customer called her over.

Emily was have a slow day at work, not much for tips and she thought that there was going to be a customer who wasn't happy. She told the Portland Press Hearld, 'It seemed like he might complain.' Then she him smiling and he gave her the $500.

Emily stood motionless with a blank stare on her face as Collins held out the fan of $20 bills, totaling $500, that was to be her tip. He explained this was in honor of his brother.

Collins' lunch bill was $43.90.