Thursday, December 6th I will be the ring announcer for the wrestling event at the Fairfield Community Center. I have a mission for all our B-98.5 fans that are going to the show. Make a BEE sign!

I am both excited and nervous about being ring announcer and your support would mean a lot to me. I want to see the Fairfield Community Center full of signs with B98.5 on it. If you want to add my name on it, that would be great too! The wrestling event itself sounds like it's going to be wicked fun. The night will include wrestlers formerly from the WWE, Impact Wrestling and ROH and you'll also see WWE Hall Of Fame Wrestler Tony Atlas, Auburn, Maine's own Luke Robinson and from Fairfield, Maine Champ Matthews!

I hope to see you Thursday, December 6th at the Fairfield Community Center. Let's rock the house!