Maine has the second highest number of cat owners. Vermont tops the list.  In Maine more than 46% of homes have a cat and in Vermont it is just under 50%! New Hampshire was tenth on the list. So, Northern New England likes its puddy cats. As for my preference, dogs, the top dog-owning state is Arkansas. The lowest is Massachusetts.

All in all, there are approximately 70 million pet dogs in the United States and 74.1 million pet cats and we spend money of our furry family members. The average veterinary cost per household for all pets was $375 in 2011. I guess I am very average, that is about what basic care for ShadowDog costs each year.  Plus, all the other stuff I do for ShadowDog, it adds up to a bit out of my budget. However, I love my dog and any pet owner understands that the cost is just part of having this love in our lives.