Nat Geo’s fourth annual ‘Big Cat Week’ will air this November and will be titled ‘Man vs. Cheetah’ and will feature two NFL speedsters racing against a cheetah. Four legs against two, the fastest in the NFL against the fastest in the animal kingdom.

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans and Devon Hester of the Chicago Bears will put their speed to the test in a series of competitions against the fastest of the big cats. Johnson runs a 4.24-second 40 yard dash, but knows this will be an incredible challenge. His 40-yard dash is blazing for a human, but a cheetah could keep-up with a car on the highway. Other factors will come into play besides speed; the competition will also measure the ability to change direction as they race the cheetah down and back on the course.

Safety will be provided for the athletes with a wall that will separate man and beast.