Talk about luck, Christopher Kaelin from Chicago won the lottery three times in three weeks. Christopher admits he’s only an occasional lottery player and never expected to win once let alone three times.

His first win came when he bought a Crossword instant ticket during his lunch break and won $25,000. He and his fiancé celebrated by going out to dinner. On the way home they decided to stop at a gas station and bought another Crossword ticket and won another $1,000.

You would think his luck had run its course but it didn’t. Kaelin stopped by the same store he had bought the $25,000 winning ticket and bought another Crossword ticket. When he scratched it he thought he won another $25,000 but he was wrong. After taking a closer look at the ticket, he realized he had won $250,000! His three week total, $276,000.

Not a bad pay off for three $5 tickets.