If you’re heading to Florida for vacation this summer take a lot of mosquito repellant because the little pests that bite are getting bigger. Mosquitoes the size of a quarter are headed to Florida in large numbers and these things can bite right through your clothing.

They can be 20 times as big as a regular mosquito and are aggressive and Florida is the perfect breeding ground because of last year’s tropical storms. The mega-mosquitoes are expect to be out in large numbers this summer and scientist are suggesting to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts with as much mosquito repellant as you can. While they still may bite through your clothing, the repellant may keep them from landing on you. Not only do they bite, but the bite really hurts. It’s only the female that bites and according to Entomologist Phil Kauffman when you read historical accounts of the first settlers in Florida talking about gigantic mosquitoes, these are the ones they where talking about.