Getty Images, photo by Spencer Platt

If you have ever traveled the subway in New York, you’re familiar with the warning signs about the ‘third rail’ That’s the one that can electrocute you, the one that has the juice in it to run the subway cars, the one you don’t mess around with, the third rail carries 625 volts of electricity.

Monday morning around 3 a.m., Matt Zeno, 30, and a friend were coming home from a bar, a little drunk, and had to pee. They were taking the subway and looking for a place to relieve their bladder, for Matt: bad idea. At Union Avenue and Broadway, on the southbound track of the G train, Matt was electrocuted when the urinated onto the third rail.

It’s not known if he tried to hit the third rail intentionally or if it was an accident, but either way the electric shock traveled up the stream of pee and killed him. His friend who was standing next to him, felt the shock too, but survived. The electric shock caused Matt's heart to fail even though he was in excellent shape. I guess 625 volts will have that effect on a human heart.