Donald Christen of Madison is organizing a public 'smoke-in' rally on Patriot's Day, this Monday, on the steps of the Somerset County courthouse. It's a rally to draw attention of efforts to legalize marijuana use.Christen is a longtime marijuana advocate and he tells the Kennebec Journal, that he has 'lit up' a marijuana joint on the steps of the Somerset County courthouse every Patriot's Day for the past 22 years.

In 2012, two states, Colorado and Washington, made it legal for the sale and possession of marijuana.

In 1999, Maine made medical marijuana legal.

The Skowhegan Police have stated that smoking marijuana in public is still illegal and Deputy Chief Dan Summers, tells the Kennebec Journal, 'we can't let it go.' 'If it's happening right out there in the public, we're going to have to do something;we'll have to take some kind of action. They'll have to be cited.'

What are your thoughts about making the sale and possession of marijuana legal in Maine?