Potato Chip day was held March 14 to celebrate the chip that got its start as the Saratoga Chip. The name comes from Saratoga, New York, where at a lodge there the first chips were made. As the story goes, Native American chef, George Crum, made the first chips after a customer sent back his potatoes complaining they were too thick. The chef being temperamental was angry at the customer and decided to slice the potatoes extremely thin and fry them to teach the customer a lesson.

It was Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt that kept sending his fried potatoes back to the kitchen but when the chips arrived at his table, the joke backfired and they became an instant hit. The average chip is .04 to .08 inches thick and is the most popular snack in America. The production of potato chips was halted during World War ll as them deemed as an unessential food.

The Saratoga chip was sliced very thin, boiled , fried and salted and became such a hit the restaurant in Saratoga put the item on its menu as a regular food item. Today, chips can be found around the world in almost every county. They may go by different names, but they all are potato chips.