A rare sighting of a white-throated needletail bird on the Isle of Harris, one of Scotland’s Western Isles, had bird watchers coming from miles away to get a glimpse. There hadn’t been a sighting of the rare bird since 1991 so for a dedicated bird watcher to travel over 17 hours to see the bird wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was what happened to the bird.

As hundreds of bird-spotters were watching the white-throated needletail soar through the air there pleasure soon turned into something from and Alfred Hitchcock movie. One minute the bird was flying and looking beautiful, the next, it flew into a wind turbine's rotating blades and died.

People looking on came from all over to see what they considered the ‘bird of the century’ only to be horrified when the bird flew into the blades of the turbine. Many ran to the bird as it fell to the ground to see if it had been killed and to the disappointment it was. The body of the bird has been handed over to local conservationists, what they plan to do with it is unknown.