The boats are ready to go and so are the crews but they are just sitting and waiting for the Government shutdown to be resolved. The federal shutdown means no crabbing permits can be handed out to the dozens of boats ready for red king crab season in Alaska.

 The government office that hands out crabbing permits is closed because of the shutdown and the crab industry is getting antsy. The crabbing season begins October 15 and lasts only 4 weeks. In that short period, fishermen earn half of their yearly wages and now they are worried the season will be delayed or cancelled altogether.

Red crabbing season is off the shores of Alaska and some 80 boats are waiting for the government to resolve their problems. Japan is the biggest consumers of red king crabs because their country marks their annual pre-holiday season with the gift of red king crabs.

Fishermen are worried that even if there is a partial shutdown, opening the season after October 15, they would still lose millions of dollars in revenue.