Yesterday was a PERFECT day to go! No wind, fresh snow, fresh ice and all the kids! Anderson, Jayden and Bradley have been waiting all winter for Chad to take us ice fishing.

And yesterday they got their wish. How did we do?

I couldn't remember if the bait shop was open but Wild Things in Oakland was!! Thank you Steve Levensailor for where to find bait!

We decided to visit McGrath Pond in Oakland. Chad, being from Turner, is not familiar with the area. Scott, the owner of Wild Things, suggested it. And we're glad he did!!

Chad drilled 5 holes. The kids each helped scoop out the holes. Chad set the traps and all there was left to do was wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Until...PING! There goes the flag! We all rushed to it and Chad pulled up a small mouth bass! I have been ice fishing four times and never seen a flag go up!

The second time a flag went up Chad had me pull it up and we caught a white perch! In an hour and a half, 2 fish. Best ice fishing day ever!

It may not seem very successful, but to have all of us together as a family, watching them all play in the snow, laughing and having fun together...PRICELESS!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday!