Have ever won enough on a scratch ticket or Megabucks ticket where you had to go to the Maine State Lottery in Hallowell?


You never think it's going to happen to you but it did yesterday!

Everyone once in a while, everyone takes a chance. You never know, right? Who doesn't spend $1 here or there to try their luck?

Chad called me yesterday around 4:00 to tell me he had just won $1,000 on a scratch ticket! We were both in shock! He went in to redeem it and they said "It's too much. You need to go to the Maine State Lottery to cash it in."


So today I take the trek to 10 Water Street in Hallowell to cash it in! Some winnings will go to fixing my car. It needs a new suspension spring.

He gets the rest. When I asked what he was going to do with it he said "Whatever I want!"

Yes, baby, you can do whatever you like!

What have YOU won? How much did you redeem YOUR ticket for? Do you do it weekly? Daily?