If you have never been there, you need to go!

This is the most fun for the least amount of money!

Have you heard of Playland Adventures?

Located at 510 Wilson Street in Brewer, Playland Adventures is tons of inflatable fun for EVERYONE...not just kids!

They are open at 10am everyday. What's really cool is, if you show up at 10am and buy a bracelet for a child, it's good for ALL DAY! That's right...til they close!

They have inflatable slides, jousting, boxing, obstacle courses and more for kids of all ages. They have an arcade for the teenagers, too. There are 14 different inflatables to play on. There is also a snack bar with chips and drink.

The BEST part of Playland Adventures, according to Anderson, Bradley and Jayden, is the Bungee Trampoline. Take a look at the video of Anderson. I couldn't stop laughing!

The awesome thing is the people that work there LOVE their job. They had so much fun with the kids. Not only did they keep them safe and make sure they were following the rules of the playland, they interacted with them!

Take the drive to Brewer and check it out! The kids were exhausted by the time they were all done. AND they all looked at me and said 'Thank You!'. If that's not enough to get you there, I don't know what is!