What a wonderful life I have. I can't thank you all enough for the birthday wishes you bestowed upon little old me yesterday. I am overwhelmed. I think I am still answering your Facebook messages.

And what a weekend it was! Here's what happened!

On Saturday, we went out for breakfast to The Purple Cow. I had chocolate chip pancakes! We then went home and took the Kawasaki Ninja out and headed to Rockland.

We didn't make Rockland.

It was so cold and were pretty bundled up. With all the construction on 201 it took forever to get to Augusta! So we looked at a couple of places to hold our wedding. We found the perfect place! And they're available! Let's hope we can book it!

We stopped at a yard sale and purchased a brand new tambourine for my gigs. Then we went to Barnes & Noble and got a few magazines.

We spent the day being lazy and Chad ordered pizza from dinner. We watched 'Get Smart' with Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway. It was funny!

On my actual birthday, we slept in and Chad made me a cake! You may have seen the pics on Facebook but I'll add one to this article just because it's that funny!

We had a small party that included Anderson, Chad's parents, Jackie and Dana, and our good friends, Rick & Rita Turcotte. Gifts weren't necessary but I was very happy with what I received. Anderson's card was great! Jackie gave me a new pair of shoes and a bracelet that said to 'Follow Your Dreams', Chad gave me new workout gear and a gift certificate to Maurice's, and the Turcotte's gave me a gift certificate to Kohl's.

The cake was the best part! Homemade by Chad and Anderson and delicious. It was the first cake he had ever baked and I feel honored I was the first.

Thank you all so much. I know my friend's list is pretty extensive BUT I am privileged to know each and every one of you. Whether it is from B98.5, my band Sharon Buck and Dixon Road, Lawrence High School, church or another means, I know you all personally. And I'm so glad I do. I'm glad to be someone you can talk to and relate with about your family. To me the best gift is knowing all of you.