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Could Gronk Actually Win The Kentucky Derby?
There's been a lot of talk over what Gronk will do next. Will he be back to the Patriots? Turn to acting? Try the WWE? Well, how about winning the Kentucky Derby? Yes, a Gronkowski might win horse racing's crown jewel.
Pot-Laced Cookies Shut Down Maine Daycare On Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, many parents take the opportunity to send off cookies and/or candy with their children. Well, one Bangor, Maine daycare may have recieved the wrong batch.
According to WGME, one parent sent in several batches of cookies for staff of the Watch Me Shine dayc…
Patriots Fans LOL Over Name Of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Owners
Spreading Philadelphia creme cheese on my bagel this morning wasn't exactly an "a-ha" moment. Well, not until I looked a little closer. Check out the fine print on the ownership.
Now, if Robert Kraft's Kraft group had anything to do with this, well THAT would be amazi…
6 earthquakes in the last week
This winter, Maine has captured plenty of weather headlines. While bitter cold and ice have dominated the news, one interesting stat has slid through the cracks.
Since July 1st, around 20 #earthquakes of Magnitude 0.5 or greater have occurred in Maine. 6 of tho
Two New England States Won't Pull For The Pats In The Super Bowl
Outside of New England, it's no secret the New England Patriots aren't the most popular team. Now, a new survey shows they're struggling in the last part of the country you'd expect.
Get a load of this map of who the country is rooting for in the Super Bowlhttps://t...
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Police in Maine Warn Of 'Cookie Cartel'
Just in time to break those New Years Resolutions, Girl Scout season is upon us. With it, comes a special warning from a Maine police department.
I mean, you have to appreciate the sense of humor. Plus, the fact someone in the department had the time to think of this public safety hazard.…
Bomb Cyclone Drift Pics Popping Up All Over Northern New England
Oh man, the snow is stacking up! Bomb Cyclone isn't playin' with these winds. Huge drifts are a norm all over Northern New England!
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