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'First Years' To Replace 'Freshmen' At Massachusetts High School
In an effort to be more inclusive to all genders, students in Easthampton, Massachusetts will cease referring to ninth grade as Freshmen. Replacing the long standing term will be First Years.
Easthampton High School referring to freshmen as first-year students https://t.co/kv3cxYLfn…
Do You Deck Your Car for Christmas? You Have to See These!
This time of year, you can't go far without seeing something like this.
Found another one ❤️ #christmascars #merrychristmas #presents #specialdelivery #beetle #santa #volswagen #herbie #punchbuggy
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Omg this is crazy ...
Cook Like Johnny Cash This Weekend
With the cold blast hitting the northeast this weekend, it's time to break out the crock pot, and serve up some comfort food. You probably already have a go-to chili recipe, but I bet you haven't tried Johnny Cash's.
Recipe for Johnny Cash’s “Old Iron Pot&CloseCur…
Driver Crashes Through Gate On Maine Bridge
You may have been in this situation. The bridge is about to go up, but you MUST get to your appointment on time. It's a game of seconds...but is it worth going real life General Lee style? This driver found out.
The Maine DOT's Facebook page caught a driver who played chic…
Andy Breaks Down The Grammy Country Categories
Nominations for the 66th annual Grammy Awards came out this AM, and they're typically a debate stirrer. Not that I have inside info, but based on history, I'm pretty sure who's walking off with the country awards.
Best Country Solo Performance:
Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road
Alison Krauss -  Losing …
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Old Dominion Vs. Cole Swindell - vote now!
Changes Coming To Allagash's Tasting Room
Have you toured the Allagash Brewery? It's basically the Magic Kingdom for fans of the stuff. During the tour, you've also been able to sample product in the tasting room for free.

That's about to change.
Augusta Police Department Holding Auction
The Augusta Police Dept will be holding an auction on Saturday, November 5th. The event kicking off at 8am will feature bicycles, tools, and other miscellaneous items. Everything on the block has been confiscated or gone unclaimed.
Best Foliage In Maine This Weekend
Nothing is past peak, yet. However, you can expect the Alagash to fall into that category. The best foliage of the year is this weekend across the area.
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Netflix Hikes Subscription Rates
Most of us should be prepared to pay more for Netflix. For the first time since 2015, Netflix will raise prices for its US subscribers starting today, confirmed to Business Insider. "Standard plan" customers will see their monthly rates move from $9...
Best Places To See Foliage In Maine This Weekend
We're still a few weeks away from peak season, but it's getting closer. If you're headed to the Fryeburg Fair this weekend, a swing on routes 117, 4, 5, and 302 will give you many colors. Still, a run up to Houlton, or the Moosehead region will have the best sights in Maine.
Deals In Augusta On National Taco Day
Today is National Taco Day. So, bonus for you if had "Taco Tuesday" last night. With National Taco Day, there are a few opportunities for you to get a local deal.
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Tom Petty On Life Support
Despite earlier reports that his death has been confirmed, rock legend Tom Petty is still alive in a Los Angeles hospital.
Breaking: Crash On Memorial Drive In Augusta
According the Augusta Police Department's Twitter account, there has been a crash on Memorial Drive in Augusta. Ploice are suggesting you find an alternate route during cleanup.
Own Ricky Bobby's House
Want to move to a warmer climate for the winter? Want a piece of NASCAR and Hollywood history? The mansion that hosted one of the most awkward dinner scenes in Hollywood history can be yours for a reduced price.