Some strange celebrations are on the calendar for the coming week and it starts today the 21th with Babbling Day. This not a day to stay silent. It’s a day to celebrate those that have the gift-of-gab. It is also Count Your Buttons Day. Don’t count buttons that are attached; you’re counting the loose buttons you have lying around. The 21st also celebrates National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, although, this say‘s National, it's mostly an American thing.

On Tuesday we celebrate National Nut Day: this is a day for ‘nutty people’, not the peanut. Everyone knows a kook, a loon or a daffy person; it’s their day to shine.

Wednesday is National Mole Day, the basic unit of measure. It’s measured in grams and equals the atomic mass of a single molecule (get it, mole-cule).

National Bologna Day is Saturday. It’s sometimes spelled Baloney and comes in many varieties like German, Kosher, regular and beef. It could be beef, pork or chicken. Bologna is actually a sausage commonly used as a lunch meat.