Sometimes shopping with children isn't the easiest thing to do (think a grocery store with 3 energetic kids). But when you are just as excited to go somewhere as they are, it makes  a difference!

The Spirit Halloween store in the Shaw's Plaza on KMD in Waterville is so much fun to explore! The kids couldn't decide what they wanted to be there were so many choices. I was wondering if they would be the standard things like ghosts, vampires, zombies which are all very popular right now.  Well each kid has their own personality.

All Jayden ever talks about is Hello Kitty. It made sense to let her choose something she loves. All I need to do is paint some whiskers on and maker her nose pink and she's done!

Brad is into all things boys. So, of course, he picked a ninja. Not just ANY ninja...but a CAMOUFLAGE ninja! Can you see him in the picture?

And, of course, Anderson. If you have seen him in the last few months he has been imitating Curious George. And he's pretty good at it...scary good. I was lucky enough to find him a Curious George costume and Chad is dressing up as The Man in the Yellow Hat. They will look so cute together!

As for me, I'll be Frenchy from Grease. I have the orange polkadot dress and little white sweater. I just needed the pink wig and I found it at Spirit Halloween!

This Saturday from 4 til 7 they are having a fundraiser for The Spirit of Children. This will benefit the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. Saturday evening there will be a magician and a whole list of things happening. Bring you child by, get their costume, donate and have fun!

We've got 'bout you??