Andy Capwell’s 15th Anniversary With B98.5
August 23, 2000, that was the first day that I started at B98.5. It really has seemed to all go by in a blink. I am going to try and take a look back and hope that I don't leave out too many people and great memories.
July 2nd is National I Forgot Day
Today July 2 is National I Forgot Day. It a day when you can make-up for all the things you couldn’t remember during the year. (After all some of us do have bad memories)
Little League Baseball Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Seems it is every little boys dream is to become a professional baseball player and that dream often starts in Little League. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Little League baseball, started by Carl Stotz in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Sharon’s Parents On Valentine’s Day
It's the week of Valentine's and, of course, men are scrambling to find a card or a box of chocolate's, even diamonds, to give to their sweetheart. Women, well, we are ready with a homemade romantic dinner with candles we only bring out once a year. Maybe we'll slip into something more comfortable a…

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