What Are The 10 Highest Rated Augusta Restaurants?
The site Yelp is a good site to read reviews and find local restaurants, motels, nightlife, and other categories in your local area. I searched Yelp for the highest rated places to eat in Augusta, and while I agree with most of their list, they are missing a few of my favorite spots to hit...
Spellcheck; Which Words Give You Problems
He's got a way with words. The internet had a feast over the President's 'Covfefe' Tweet. Whenever I send out something to anyone, pubic or private, there's always SOME version of a proof-read. Sometimes I get it right, and other occasions I don't...
Another Drug Bust in Augusta
Michael Fry, 47, from Augusta, was taken into custody yesterday (March 22) and charged with 3 counts of unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs.

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