Idaho State University Wants to Use Drones to Locate Bigfoot
The hunt for Bigfoot has taken a turn toward the latest technology -  drones. At Idaho State University, Jeffery Meldrum believes drones will be the edge needed to locate the ever-elusive Sasquatch. The project is called “The Falcon Project’, it's a 45-foot drone equi…
Seth Rogen and FX Producing Animated ‘Bigfoot’ Comedy
FX has had a difficult time getting animated comedies off the ground apart from 'Archer,' as their most recent effort 'Unsupervised' floundered in both ratings and reviews, but their latest project should have none of those troubles. 'This is the End' funnyman Seth Rogen has partnered with FX and Ev…
Show To Offer Bigfoot Bounty of $10 Million
If we don't get irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot by the end of next year we're probably never going to get that proof. That's because Spike TV is upping ante on the search for the hairy creature, offering $10 million to the first person who can find him.