Blizzard 2015: Tell Us Your Stories
What a storm! The blizzard of 2015 sure ended up being a big or even bigger than they foretasted. The snow totals ended up between 20 and 30 inches for many in central Maine. Plus with the wind and snow drifts it was a nightmare for driving and cleaning up.
Winter Storm Juno and ‘Bombogenisis’
There’s a new meteorological term for the storm we are experiencing, it’s ‘Bombogenisis’. It’s a type of ‘weather bomb’ when wind speeds increase and snow is heavy. The potential for blizzard conditions exist…
Andy Capwell Prepares For The Blizzard
The Blizzard of 2015 is here and in radio, work is never cancelled. My little Nissan Sentra isn't the best in the snow, so I woke up really early and prepared to head into the radio station. Here's how I got ready.

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