What is the Most Popular Candy for Trick-or-Treating in Maine?
According to, Maine and Massachusetts share their choice of favorite trick-or-treating candy. They surveyed over 40,000 people to uncover which Halloween candies are number one in each state.
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup was one of only three candies to be voted as one of…
Dollar Store Discoveries: Halloween Edition
We are just a few weeks from Halloween and we thought it was a perfect time to see what we could find at the local dollar store. We had a budget of $5, so we chose our 4 favorite things (don't forget the taxes.)
Some All-Time Favorite Halloween Costumes
With Halloween just around the corner and Halloween candy already in stores, you and your kids must be starting to think of a costume for this year. It’s still a little too early to know what the most popular costumes for 2016 will be.
Reese’s Christmas Candy Bar Looks Like a Turd
Reese’s candy has come out with a special candy bar for Christmas; it’s the Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree. Well, social media is going crazy over this, not because it tastes so good but because of what it looks like.

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