North Korea Opens Summer Camp for Kids
You can now send you kids to summer camp in North Korea. Starting a few days ago the 30 year old Songdowon International Children’s Camp opened for young children to enjoy. The camp is mostly for children from communist countries but kids from all over are invited
Maine’s Fresh Air Needs Families
The Fresh Air Fund needs your help to host and inner-city child this summer. Since 1877, the fund has been providing outdoor summer fun for children. Children from low-income families get to see trees and grass and the beauty of nature, most for the first time in the lives.
Book Given to Children When Fathers Go to Jail
April is Child Abuse Awareness month and witnessing Domestic Violence is considered abuse. Family violence is not something people talk about. It's been a secret in the family until someone is brave enough to speak up and do something to stop it.
And, unfortunately, the children in the family suffer …

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