History of Christmas in the United States
Christmas as we know it today hasn’t always been Christmas as we know it. It was only about 150 years ago Christmas in the United States started to take shape and become the holiday we have today.
Do You Have Any Christmas Shopping Left To Do?
It's two days until Christmas and this is the first year that I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet. I have a reason, even though it's totally my fault. On December 9th, I was at Hannaford and I wrote a check for my groceries and I saw that it was the last check in my book. I g…
Christmas Tree Candles to Lights
Until the Christmas of 1880 Christmas trees when decorated with candles. As you can imagine that would be quite dangerous having lighted candles on a dry tree. Thomas Edison, who invented the incandescent bulb in 1879, hung a string of electric lights outside his lab in New Jersey and that was the b…
Christmas Around the World
We have our Christmas traditions in the United States like Christmas cards, Christmas trees, stuffing stockings and many more. Not everyone around the world has the same traditions. Most countries celebrate Christmas but they do it in their own way.
Holiday Tipping Guide
This time of year, a lot of people are wondering what type of gift or tip should they give service workers. People like babysitters, day care providers, sanitation workers or mail delivers. Whatever you give, you should always put it in a card. Here’s a guild line to follow for tippi…
Wrap a Christmas Present in 15 Seconds
Buying a gift for the holiday is stressful enough but after your purchases you have wrap all the presents and that can take a lot of time. There is technique that may help you cut time off of gift wrapping. It comes from an employee of a department Store in japan that shows how to wrap a present in …
Unwanted Gifts for Christmas
Christmas present buying is at crunch time now but you still should put some thought into the present and who it for. What do they like, what would they actually use. There are a lot of unwanted gifts that are bought during this time of the year and according from years past, here are the gifts peop…
Self-Gifting a New Trend During Christmas
Something that has been building for a couple of years and now has reached an all-time high is ‘self-gifting’. There has been a 27% jumping in the last 5 years of people buying gifts for their own personal use. They usually spend $237 on self-gifting.

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