Stars We Lost This Year
With the resent passing of Leonard Nimoy at the age of 83, it started me thinking about who we lost in 2014 and the early part of 2015. Some names on the list you may know and some you may not.
Singer Leslie Gore Dies
In the 1960’s one of the hottest female singer-songwriters was teen sensation Leslie Gore. Ms. Gore passed away of lung cancer at the age of 68 at New York University Langone Medical Center.
2,000 Weather Related Deaths Each Year
Amazingly extreme weather in the United States kills 2,000 people a year. Most are from floods and tornadoes but heat waves and cold snaps take their fair share too.  Of 10,000 weather related deaths between from 2006 to 2010, excessive cold accounted for two-thirds of deaths and excessive heat…
Dying of a Broken Heart is Possible
It has been said for years, ‘they died of a broken heart’, and that seems to be true. Studies done at John Hopkins Hospital call it ‘broken heart syndrome’ where a surge of hormones impairs the muscle in the heart to pump.

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