Giant Shrimp Caught of the Coast of Florida
Off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida, a fisherman caught a shrimp that wasn’t your average sized shrimp. It’s a massive size shrimp that is being called a ‘mantis shrimp’ and was pulled off the hook by its back like a lobster.
Shrimp Season Starts January 22 but Catch Limits are Way Down
The Maine shrimp season will get underway January 22 for trawlers and February 5 for fisherman who use traps. This year the catch limit has been greatly reduced by 74%. After scientists discovered the shrimp population may be at risk, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission set a catch limit…
Top Five Most Dangerous Jobs
Every job has its dangers, whether you work inside or outside, if you don’t use caution and common sense, you could be injured. There are some jobs that are more dangerous than others and the top 5 for 2012 are in. The most dangerous jobs usually involve being above ground, have chem…