Best Foliage In Maine This Weekend
Mid October is prime time for leaf viewing here in Central Maine. The last few days have really felt like fall, and the season has really taken hold. Make sure you wrap up before 5:30 or 6, as the days are getting alarmingly shorter.
Best Places To See Foliage In Maine This Weekend
We're still a few weeks away from peak season, but it's getting closer. If you're headed to the Fryeburg Fair this weekend, a swing on routes 117, 4, 5, and 302 will give you many colors. Still, a run up to Houlton, or the Moosehead region will have the best sights in Maine.…
The Best Fall Foliage In Maine This Weekend
This year, reporting on foliage has seemed a little odd. For one, the previous week's were written in summer. Secondly, it 's still hot. Not warm, hot! We're currently in the 4th hottest September on record, and broke records TWO DAYS IN A ROW.
Terrific Maine Foliage Season
It looks like it is going to be a terrific fall foliage season in Maine this year. The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry says conditions in the northernmost part of Maine are prime for very low leaf drop and subtle color changes.
It’s Back: Maine Fall Foliage Reports
Fall is here and the trees are getting colorful.  If you want to catch a peek of the peak, the Maine Fall Foliage Reports are back and ready to help you get your leaf peeping on. The color is here and leaves are still on most of the trees, so it looks great. Find the best colors for your weeken…
Fall Foliage Almost at Peak in Aroostook County
For all of you who are keeping track, my favorite time of the year happens to be fall. Save your hot and humid summers. Forget your long and dreary winters. Give me cool, crisp foggy mornings and early nights. I demand ripe pumpkins and an array of autumn foliage.
Maine Foliage Season
It looks like we could be in for an excellent leaf-peeping season. According to Maine forestry officials in Augusta, the hot, dry summer may deliver an ideal foliage season.  Gale Ross, Maine’s foliage spokeswoman has been fielding calls already from potential visitors abou…

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