Unusual Friendships in the Animal Kingdom
Saw a PBS special about unusual friendships in the animal kingdom. Animals that wouldn’t normally be considered ‘friends’ like a tortoise and a goose, a cheetah and a dog or a goat and a blind horse.
Dogs Are Gentle Giants
I love all animals. Dogs are very special creatures. They love to snuggle up against your back on the bed when you sleep. They love to give big, wet doggie kisses!
And they know a sweet soul instantly.
Check out this yellow lab and a little boy.
Elephant And Dog Could Teach Us ALL About Being Friends
I saw this video posted to my Aunt Cheryl's wall and anything to do with elephants, well, I'm there. I didn't know it would make me cry...oh, heck, yes I did!!
The true meaning of friendship is shown in this CBS Assignment America in which Steve Hartman heard the story of an elephant s…