Randy and Sharon Got A Special Treat!
What a great surprise! We saw Claudette Marcoux at the Waterfront Wednesday a few days ago. She asked Randy if he like fresh vegetables.
And thank goodness he said yes!
She brought us some goodies right out of her own garden!
Sharon Has Bees! And Lots of Them!
They say in the last five years, the number of bees, especially honey bees, has been on the decline. In fact, I know a farm in central Maine that had about 20 beehives and about 2 years ago the bees just stopped coming.
I was kind of worried. If you haven't seen 'Bee Movie', then you really don't und…
Sharon’s Son Anderson Has a Big Idea!
It's not unusual for kids to have ideas. They come up with some doozies, don't they? At a recent trip to a campground Anderson had an idea and he won't let go of it because he brought them home. And, as a mom, you try to indulge your child. But THIS idea had merit...and make him money…