Silence of the Lambs House For Sale
The house made famous in the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is for sale. The house is where Jame ‘Buffalo Bill’ Gump skinned his female victims in a quest to make a ‘woman suit’.
Where Should You Hide Your Spare House Key?
There are thousands of homes robbed each year because people aren’t hiding their spare keys in the right place. Experts say never hide your key near the front door, under the door mat or a flower pot near the door. Burglars know these spots and it’s easy for them to g…
Soldiers Come Home
If you haven't seen the video circulating the internet...you need to.
And grab some tissues.
It's a compilation of the many soldiers coming home and surprising their families.
If you don't feel anything....you're not American.
Dog Sees Owner After 2 Years in Afghanistan
You see many of these videos on the internet but I had to watch another one!
Our pets know who we are and have feelings. This just confirms it! This dog missed his soldier while he was away for 2 years. It's not just his tail that shows he's happy!
Watch and enjoy!