It’s ‘Cuffing Season’, What’s That? Read On
It seems scientists now agree, ‘cuffing season’ is for real. Never heard of ‘cuffing season’? The definition is: ‘During the fall and Winter months people who would rather be single or promiscuous find themselves desiring to be ‘Cuffed&CloseCur…
Sharon’s Parents On Valentine’s Day
It's the week of Valentine's and, of course, men are scrambling to find a card or a box of chocolate's, even diamonds, to give to their sweetheart. Women, well, we are ready with a homemade romantic dinner with candles we only bring out once a year. Maybe we'll slip into something more comfortable a…
Homemade Ornaments Are the Best!
I have ornaments hanging on my tree just like everyone else. I have the ones I bought 20 years ago that are made of glass and, every once in a while, break.
But the ones I hold dearest to my heart are the ones that are handmade by the ones I love.
Do you hang them too?
Long Lost Marine’s Love Found His Diary…in Museum
It sounds like it should be turned into a Nicholas Sparks movie. Imagine walking through a museum and seeing your picture in it only to find out the journal your love was writing in wartime was right next to it.
He kept her picture with him...through training and battle. And, unfortunately, battle to…
Dogs Are Gentle Giants
I love all animals. Dogs are very special creatures. They love to snuggle up against your back on the bed when you sleep. They love to give big, wet doggie kisses!
And they know a sweet soul instantly.
Check out this yellow lab and a little boy.
What Defines A Family?
This past weekend was an incredible one. It also made me think a lot about who my family is. Hopefully, you won't be surprised by my answer.

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