Maine Legislature

Maine Tax Reform Plan: A Quick Breakdown
The Maine tax code could be drastically overhauled if LD 1496 gets passed by the Maine Legislature and signed by Governor LePage. The plan is estimated to raise between $150 to $200 million in new revenue. Here's a quick breakdown of what the bill would do.
Bill To Prohibit Collecting Maine Fiddleheads Without Permission
The calender says that spring begins March 20, but in Maine, we know that what the calender says and what Mother Nature wants are often two different things. One sign of spring in Maine is the sprouting of wild fiddleheads. Many Mainers enjoy fiddleheads and pick and sell them for additional income.
Bill To Ban Maine Fireworks Considered
Just two years ago, Maine legalized the purchase and use of consumer fireworks. The Maine Legislature is considering a bill to repeal the law and four other measures that would add restrictions.
Obscure Bills Being Introduced in the Maine Legislature
Every session bills are introduced by the Maine Legislature, many involving very important issues and topics. Others, well they can be just a bit quirky. Take a look at what some members of the 126th will be discussing on behalf of their constituents.