Runners Fail To Qualify For Boston Marathon Due To Route Glitch
Have you ever run a course where it seems like there is NO WAY it's only a 5k?. You run out of gas after what you think is the fourth kilometer. You don't want to check your tracker, but you do. Wait, there's MORE? Is the GPS off? Did it not start on time? All these things run th…
Mars Rover Travels a Marathon
The Mars rover has been on the red planet for 11 years and this past Tuesday it ran a marathon. It traveled 26.2 miles on the surface of Mars becoming the first human creation to do so.
Sharon Completes PFBF Half Marathon: How Did She Do?
It was a beautiful morning. Perfect day for a half marathon for the Special Olympics of Maine. PFBF has been putting on their 5K and half marathon for the past 3 years and year 4 turned out even BIGGER!
I made sure I had Central Maine's Country B98.5 downloaded on my phone so I could run/jog/walk alo…