Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine’s Take On The 2015 Boston Red Sox
It's our own Mr. Sunshine spreading his positivity throughout central Maine on the B98.5 YouTube channel. There is a lot of get videos to checkout on our channel subscribe today! This week Lou in Litchfield sent in the subject for Mr. Sunshine to talk about.
Mr. Sunshine Talks About The Weather [VIDEO]
I am as shocked as anyone that they have asked me to do another Mr. Sunshine video. Much like an NBC sitcom, I thought the network would pulled this off the schedule after one week! Seriously, thank you for all who watched the first video and now for the second video.
Mr. Sunshine With Andy Capwell [VIDEO]
This is going to be a new series on the B98.5 Youtube Channel called "Mr. Sunshine with Andy Capwell." For some reason, people see me as a glass half empty type of guy, I think of myself as more of a realist or practical.