Maine Day Trippin': Gulf Hagas
Maine has so many places that even the natives might not know about. Maine is a great state for day trips and with summer here, maybe a family day trip is in your future. Here's one day trip that you might want to take, Gulf Hagas, is often called the Grand Canyon of Maine.
Class on How to Poop in the Woods
The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is hosting free workshop called ‘How to Poop in the Woods’. The workshop in organized by Outdoor Chattanooga because it doesn’t want the city to have negative impact on your sense of smell.
A Funny Tree Seen in the Forest
I have seen a lot of advertisements to 'discover the forest' lately. It is true you can see a lot of wonderful and beautiful things in nature. You can also find some sunny looking things in nature. Take a look at this tree and the way it grew.
Chimps Are Just Plain Mean
It has been thought that interaction with humans contributed to chimpanzees have a mean streak in them. A new study refutes that claim saying chimps are natural born killers and have a mean streak born in them.

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