Do You Believe In Aliens? [POLL]
New photos of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover reveal little more than a desolate red landscape inhabited mostly by rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.
Those with imaginative minds don't see ordinary rocks. They're signs of alien life on the planet next door.
Mars Rover Sets an Out of This World Record
Can you believe the Mars rover ‘Opportunity’ has been on Mars since 2004? Seems like only yesterday! The rover has set a new record on the red planet; it has become the furthest traveled wheeled vehicle on another planet.
Curiosity Rover Begins Second Year on Mars
The Curiosity Rover is beginning its second year on Mars, having touched down on the surface of the red planet on Aug. 6, 2012. The mission has been a total success as the rover found evidence that Mars once had conditions that would support life