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Sharon Has a Surprise for Randy’s Birthday!
Every once in a while people mention things that are old memories, fond memories of the past. I listen to those things and try to remember them for certain occasions.
Like, when Chad and I went shopping and he mentioned he liked a certain something, I will make a note of what it was and try and plan …
Kids Tell the Greatest Stories!
While shopping in Walmart, and not having very much money to spend, the kids wanted to walk down the toy aisle. They wanted to get an idea of what Santa could bring them for Christmas.
Yeah, it's getting to that time a year.
In the middle of the aisle was a bunch of back to school stuff. And that…
What Haunted Place Should Sharon Explore Next?
Last year, Chad and I went to the Mill Agent House in Vassalboro to see if we could catch a ghost on camera, or experience anything...and I DID! Something tugged on my hair in the attic and I saw a bright flash of light in the bedroom.
You can see the whole story HERE!
This year, we&…
Making the Perfect S’more
Did you know it's an art form? Not me.
I never made s'mores as a kid. We never had extra money for things like that. So, when I met Chad he taught me about many things.
Including how to make the PERFECT S'more!
Little Boy Asks Santa To Help Stop Sister From Being Bullied
After reading this, I couldn't help but cry. It's so honest, sweet and, most of all, heartbreaking!
Bullying is everywhere. Just a few weeks ago, Brent Crisci from United Martial Arts, was in our studio talking about how he and others are trying to stop bullying in schools. He told the story of an 8-…
Sharon and Chad Watched ‘Rear Window’
I LOVE old movies. Chad has seen about every John Wayne movie out there a dozen times so he is no stranger to them either. When we first started dating I asked him to watch my FAVORITE movie with me 'Singin' in the Rain' and he enjoyed it.
Monday we COULD have watched football or baseball...but while…
Anderson’s Making Muffins!
Last week, Anderson told his teacher at Benton Elementary, Mrs. Walston, that he was going to bring the class muffins for his sharing time next week.
Next week is here and yesterday afternoon, he was the best baker ever!
But why did he decide to make muffins? Because he loves to read! Here's what…
Sharon’s Home Remedy For Fruit Flies Works!
It was getting so bad in the kitchen sink it felt like the scene from The Green Mile: when Michael Clark Duncan releases the badness into the air. Remember that?
Well, I was living it this past week.
Luckily, the internet and YouTube have endless information on how to do just about anything!
Hugh Jackman: One Night Only!
YOU could win a trip to see Hugh Jackman in Hollywood as he brings his 'One Night Only' to California.
He has done this once before and he has raised a lot of money and awareness for the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF).
And YOU could be there!
How Well Do You Know Your Car?
When I started my car this morning I heard the DING. I was very low on gas.
I hate that DING.
But, I know my car so well, I know how much gas is ACTUALLY in the tank. Do you know YOUR car this well?

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